Friday, January 17, 2014

friday folk friends

it has been a good long while since i posted a song here. partially because i have been slacking on my blogging responsibilities, but mostly because i haven't found anything good enough to share in quite some time. deep into a musical dry spell, then lo and behold who do i find but a new band of folky brits to love named novo amor. this song has been on repeat for a few weeks now. brits + melodic folk music = unrelenting joy and happiness in my book. happy friday!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

mumford made me do it

i consider myself a relatively driven gal, so i love making new year's resolutions. it always helps to have a fresh set of goals to start the year off with. i rarely keep all of them, so this year i thought about things that i could do to make them stick. on a recent mumford & sons binge, i realized a lot of their lyrics are pretty motivational. and not to mention, if a band of merry brits tell you to do something, you do it. so here we go, 2014! let's do this thing!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

linked up

:: jacket :: dress (old old navy) :: necklace :: boots (old nordstrom) ::

 dallas is an interesting city, people. yes many of the cliches are true (big hair, expensive rides and bling are all too familiar signs that i'm home), but i'm starting to discover the pockets of truly "cool" areas in this city. when i moved back after college, i learned that dallas  cares about one meal more than all of the other ones. this meal is brunch. my favorite new activity is eating my way around the hipster restaurant scene. last weekend i discovered d-link, a free city bus that goes around downtown hotspots for free. i haven't tried it yet, but after a food coma and a few mimosas, it doesn't sound like a bad way to get around. brunch on friends. brunch on.

Photos by Yen Nguyen

Monday, November 11, 2013

fall forever

:: hat :: dress :: shoes (old urban outfitters) :: necklace ::

guys... i'm alive! i'm alive! this month has been so incredibly busy. several life developments have been keeping me from the blog, but it is finally time to get back to business. does anyone else feel like the fall has gone by way too quickly? my favorite season is almost over. we move from pumpkin spice to peppermint mocha, and bare legs get stowed away for the next 4 months. i'm sure i'll embrace the christmas spirit soon enough, but i refuse to let go of fall until thanksgiving is officially over. if you need me i'll be buying school supplies, raking up some leaves and watching football. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

city parking it

hat (target, current but not online) :: tank :: bag :: pants (old target) :: shoes (old anthro)

i feel like this outfit is what normal people in the US get to wear to music festivals in september. here in texas, we have to wear as close to nothing as possible to keep from passing out from heat exhaustion, so i don't have a proper measurement for these types of things. since it is one of my goals to go to every large music festival before i die, i hope to test my theory and report back to ya'll eventually! this park is a pretty great one if you're ever in the dallas area.  it is the klyde warren park and it was built as a bridge above a highway between two major downtown hot spots.  it also has food trucks, which is all i can really ask for in a park. i guess that is another strange unit of measurement i have as a city kid. oh well... that's dallas... 


shout out to yen nguyen, my fantastic photographer, for sneaking into the blog this time! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the last days of summer

:: sweater (anthropologie, current but not online) :: jeans ::  shoes (old strut) :: bag ::

we made it to the end of summer people! it is officially fall! though texas has to endure the two seasons duking it out for a few more weeks, we can sort of pull off the sweaters and jeans the rest of the country has been able to wear all month. to celebrate the last day of summer, we decided to try the new sprinkles ice cream that just opened here in dallas. i think these guys really know what they're doing when it comes to desert. they had red velvet cones.......

red....velvet....cones..... i'll let that sink in for a moment.

ok back on track. i opted for a scoop of the salted caramel ice cream and it was fantastic. they let you try any (all) of the flavors you want, so i had some of the red velvet ice cream and  the vanilla, but the cap'n crunch is next on my list. oh and the cupcake atm has a theme song. go check it out. it will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Monday, September 23, 2013

sunday brunch

:: sweater :: pants :: bag :: shoes (old dsw) :: sunnies :: 

i'm not sure if it gets any better than sunday brunch. it combines so many of my favorite things: breakfast foods, alcohol and weekends. this brunch was particularly special since it was at oddfellows in dallas' bishop arts district. it is a fantastic place to try out if you haven't been. outfits for brunch are also my favorite combination of things to wear: something cozy, simple and flowy. since i can't wear my pajamas in public without being judged, i put on a light sweater and some soft skinnies. i may have been half asleep in these shots, but hey... the food was worth it.

photos by yen nguyen