Thursday, November 14, 2013

linked up

:: jacket :: dress (old old navy) :: necklace :: boots (old nordstrom) ::

 dallas is an interesting city, people. yes many of the cliches are true (big hair, expensive rides and bling are all too familiar signs that i'm home), but i'm starting to discover the pockets of truly "cool" areas in this city. when i moved back after college, i learned that dallas  cares about one meal more than all of the other ones. this meal is brunch. my favorite new activity is eating my way around the hipster restaurant scene. last weekend i discovered d-link, a free city bus that goes around downtown hotspots for free. i haven't tried it yet, but after a food coma and a few mimosas, it doesn't sound like a bad way to get around. brunch on friends. brunch on.

Photos by Yen Nguyen

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