Wednesday, October 2, 2013

city parking it

hat (target, current but not online) :: tank :: bag :: pants (old target) :: shoes (old anthro)

i feel like this outfit is what normal people in the US get to wear to music festivals in september. here in texas, we have to wear as close to nothing as possible to keep from passing out from heat exhaustion, so i don't have a proper measurement for these types of things. since it is one of my goals to go to every large music festival before i die, i hope to test my theory and report back to ya'll eventually! this park is a pretty great one if you're ever in the dallas area.  it is the klyde warren park and it was built as a bridge above a highway between two major downtown hot spots.  it also has food trucks, which is all i can really ask for in a park. i guess that is another strange unit of measurement i have as a city kid. oh well... that's dallas... 


shout out to yen nguyen, my fantastic photographer, for sneaking into the blog this time! 

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