Monday, September 2, 2013

weekend wear

:: hat (target men's section) :: sunnies :: top (urban outfitters on sale) :: skirt :: sandals :: bag ::

hi my name is kristen, and i have a chambray addiction. some addicts would lead you to believe that this is because chambray is really fashionable. but my affinity for this material stems from the fact that these tops go with anything and everything. if you see me on the weekend, nine times out of ten i'm wearing one of the eight chambray tops i own with any combination of skirt or cotton dress in my closet. this invention is the rare occasion when fashion meets complete and utter laziness. who wants to think about outfits when there is so much weekend to enjoy? not this girl. thank goodness i'm alive for this fad, my friends. 

this photo cracks me up. mostly because i had no idea there was an industrial fan on full blast aimed right at my head before i hopped up to get this shot. consider this the best of those outtakes. 

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