Wednesday, September 11, 2013

vintage fun

:: jacket :: dress :: necklace :: bag :: shoes (urban outfitters) ::

who doesn't love a good vintage furniture store? i guess my father because it ultimately means he gets dragged into moving an insanely heavy mid-century credenza up three flights of stairs with yours-truly jabbering about how great of a deal it is behind him. hey it is all in the name of penny-pinching, a trait i'm sure he's secretly proud of. this is the time of year for change. its amazing what a new dress and some new-to-you furniture can do for this twenty-something's outlook. this is when you get to pull out those layers, go buy some overpriced pumpkin-spiced coffee and (even if you're dying of heat exhaustion) you get to feel like it is fall. if there were a pile of leaves close by, i'd jump in them. i'll just stick to rolling around in antique jewelry until the trees decide to cooperate. 

photos by yen nguyen

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