Friday, August 16, 2013

frock friday

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one of the many lessons that i have learned as a twenty-something is that is you have to be creative when it comes to your personal style. especially if you're a liberal arts major... unless you're extremely lucky, you aren't going to make enough for that dream wardrobe right out of college. this outfit is a great example of how the hunt for work-apropriate clothing doesn't always have to end in the business suit section of the large department stores. i found this dress in the nightgown section of anthropologie. that's right... my receipt actually says "nighty" on it. you can scoff at my purchase all you want, but this baby was half of the price of any other dress in the store... and i'm in love. besides, who really sleeps this glamorously?  i work in a fairly relaxed office, so this was appropriate summer attire. it could easily be paired with a blazer for a more dressy occasion. not to mention... it is 105 degrees right now... the light and airy fabric was all i could tolerate, even for an early morning whole foods run.

Photo credit: Yen Nguyen.

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