Friday, June 28, 2013

live. look. listen.

live :: look :: listen 

happy friday, world! at a stifling 104 degrees today, it is feeling very much like summer here in texas. i'm a huge fan of this state for nine months out of the year, but now we are entering the three months where i cling to my car's air vents and dream of a sabbatical in alaska. even though my weekend will be spent in a bathing suit trying to find relief from the heat lamp i live under, i have to admit that a part of me still feels excited about this season. it probably has to do with my affectionate love for snow coconut is where its at.

this post is dedicated to a few of my weekend favorites... a cheery ode to sweet brown, flowy anthropologie dresses and my new music obsession, jake bugg (his song lightening bolt has been on repeat these past few days).

have a nice (hot) weekend, folks!

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