Thursday, June 27, 2013

before and after : footstool edition

hello world! it has been far too long. i apologize! new posts are headed your lovely way, i promise. i thought i'd return with a project that has been in progress for as long as i have been away, if you can believe it.

several years ago i was perusing the local flea market while visiting family in a teeny town in east texas. i seem to find the greatest (and strangest) gems there. i happened upon a set of groovy mid-century mod footstools that were clearly speaking to me from across the room. and what a steal they were! less than $10 a stool!? they practically begged me to take them home... well to my parents home... where they would happily live in the attic for a very long time since i was a sad job-searching, interning college graduate.  

fast forward two years, to a real career and a modest post-grad apartment. now re-enter said footstools. 

though i loved the antiqued leather and the fact that each piece was a different color, i couldn't quite make these guys fit into my brighter aesthetic. after a grueling fabric hunt, i found a family of prints from premier prints online. since i'm a girl, and decision-making isn't a natural inclination, i picked just about every print and color combination that they had. duh. 

then came the spray paint. a coat of primer and three coats of teal later, and woops. remember how i said that i was a girl just now? yeah...that includes making rash decisions and changing my mind. after a bit of terror, a few panic attacks, several weeks of denial, multiple trips to sand paper/paint remover aisles at home depot, and a few more weeks of sanding, smoothing, staining and glossing, i came out with the "after" shot you see below. it only took three years!

see ladies? you can pretty much always change your mind. maybe. yes... er... i'm pretty sure.


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