Monday, June 11, 2012

drawer no more.

I wouldn’t call organization my strong point. I’m not a messy person per se, I just don’t have the patience to sort through old pictures, craft supplies, socks, medicine cabinets, pantries, paperwork, hair accessories…. Okay… I’m a messy person. One thing that does motivate me to find an appropriate place for things is a new project. I’m confident that every antique store in the country has a letterpress drawer or two lying around. I have always loved the look of these relics, but could never quite justify buying one. Until I realized that these small compartments could be a perfect display for my earrings (which had been divvied-up between a plastic sandwich sack and the bottom of my make-up bag). One evening’s worth of measuring and cutting small craft sticks, and then gluing them into place, and my dangling earrings had a swanky new home! I even use the empty spaces to shelve the post earrings. Now onto that junk drawer… I and that one… and those…

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